3/29/2012 Press Release POLICE DEPARTMENT
Pursuant to CA Gov’t Code Sect 6254 (F)

Community Action & Information Unit
Saul Jaeger, Sergeant
Public Information Officer
1000 Villa Street, Mountain View, CA 94041
Ph. (650) 903-6345

Subject :

Mountain View Police Department Investigates Report of a Suspicious Man on Elementary School Campus
Contact : Liz Wylie

On March 29, 2012, at about 8:45 a.m., Mountain View police officers responded to Bubb Elementary School, located at 535 Hans Ave., on a report of a man who had lunged towards a 9-year-old female student.  The student was walking back to her classroom after using the restroom when she noticed a man who appeared to be stretching against a tether ball pole.  When she walked to within 6 feet of him, he lunged towards her.  She immediately ran the other direction.  When she looked back, she saw him running through the campus towards Bonita Avenue.  She immediately reported the incident to her teacher and the MVPD was called.  Despite an exhaustive search, the man was not found.

The man was described as a white male adult in his 50's.  He was heavyset and was wearing a navy blue polo and grey jeans.  He had grey hair. 

The Mountain View Whisman School District immediately instituted a buddy system for any student who needed to leave class for any reason.   Parents were also notified of the incident.  Police officers provided extra presence on campuses as the schools let out early due to a minimum day. 

Parents and the greater community are asked to keep an eye out for this man or any other suspicious people loitering near schools or any place where children congregate.  If anyone sees a man matching this description they should call their respective police department immediately.  Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about the dangers associated with talking to strangers and what to do should someone they don’t know approach them or try to talk to them.  In general, children should be taught to never talk to strangers.  If a stranger tries to talk to them or beckons to them, they should walk away and tell a trusted adult immediately.  Furthermore, they should be taught to scream and run should anyone ever lunge at them, grab at them, lure them into a car, etc.  If your child tells you about a suspicious incident, you should report it to law enforcement immediately.  The MVPD can be reached at 650-903-6344 regarding this case or for crime prevention tips. 

Suspect Sketch