2/19/2009 Press Release POLICE DEPARTMENT
Pursuant to CA Gov’t Code Sect 6254 (F)

Community Action & Information Unit
Saul Jaeger, Sergeant
Public Information Officer
1000 Villa Street, Mountain View, CA 94041
Ph. (650) 903-6345

MEDIA RELEASE 07-5708(2)
Subject :

Man Arrested and Charged with Rape in Connection with 2007 Sexual Assault
Contact : Liz Wylie

On February 17, 2009, at approximately 3:00PM, a man was arrested in connection with an August 2007 rape that occurred in Mountain View.  Ramon Jayardo, a 37 year-old resident of San Jose, was arrested at 990 Terra Bella Ave. after a brief standoff with police.  Jayardo has multiple aliases and is also frequently known as Melchor Paredes, 34.

On August 2, 2007, a woman was sexually assaulted inside a residence in the 900 block of Terra Bella Ave.  The suspect attacked the victim as she was leaving her residence and then dragged her back inside where he proceeded to assault her. 

Information was recently received that Jayardo matched the physical description of the suspect and was working for a construction company in the area at the time of the assault, but left the state soon afterwards.  There was no indication at that time that he was involved in this case.

Recently, the suspect returned to California.  Two weeks ago, officers began investigating Jayardo to determine if he was involved.

Over the weekend, detectives received confirmation from the Country Crime Lab that physical evidence collected at the time of the crime indicated Jayardo was the sole suspect.  Detectives located Jayardo at his employer’s office on Terra Bella Ave.

Jayardo attempted to hide in the attic of the business and refused to comply with officers’ commands.  After about an hour, officers entered the attic and took Jayardo into custody without further incident.  He was booked into main jail for one count of rape.

Suspect Photo