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Recycling for Apartments and High-Density Complexes

Garbage and recycling is collected from apartments and other high-density complexes using garbage dumpsters (large metal bins) and group recycling carts (newspaper cart, mixed paper cart, and bottles/cans cart). Garbage is collected once a week, and recycling is collected every other week. 

State Mandatory Recycling Law
The State of California passed Assembly Bill 341 establishing a new state diversion goal of 75% by 2020; and a mandatory comemrcial recycling law effective July 1, 2012.  The bill builds on the success of California's landmark 1989 recycling legislation (AB939), which required each city and county to divert 50% of its waste from the landfill by recycling, reuse and waste reduction programs by the year 2000. 

In the past, statewide diversion efforts have largely focused on residential recycling, but almost 75% of California's solid waste generation is from commercial sources.  Multi-family residential complexes with shared garbage services are considered part of the commercial sector.  While Mountain View has a very high participation rate in our free recycling programs, additional work is still needed to achieve the new State-mandated diversion goal of 75% by 2020. 

With the passage of this legislation, if you have a commercial business that generates 4 cubic yards or more of solid waste per week, or a multi-family complex with 5 or more units like apartments or condominiums, you are subject to the State's mandatory recycling law and must subscribe to recycling services.  To find out if your complex meets the requirements of the law, or to subscribe to the recycling service, contact Recology Mountain View at (650-967-3034).  See also How to Start Recycling and Recycling Leaders below for additional information.

What's Recyclable Detailed List (Letter Size)

Garbage Dumpsters

Place household garbage in durable plastic bags and tie shut before putting in dumpster. Please do not put furniture, appliances, mattresses, toilets, sinks, water heaters, carpets or large construction materials in the garbage dumpsters as these dumpsters are for only bagged household garbage.

Recycling Group Carts
For every garbage dumpster, a group of recycling carts is provided. Each group consists of three recycling carts:

  1. Newspaper Cart: Newspapers and inserts (no rubber bands or plastic bags).
  2. Mixed Paper Cart: Junk mail, telephone books, writing paper, catalogs, magazines, cereal boxes and small pieces of cardboard.
  3. Bottles/Cans Cart: Glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and tubs marked #1 through #7, and metal cans (tin, steel and aluminum).

Large Cardboard: Cut large cardboard into pieces about 3'x3' and lean against the mixed paper cart.

Sorry, collection of used motor oil, oil filters, and household batteries is not provided at this time for apartments.

How to Start Recycling
Setting up a recycling program needs to be coordinated by the apartment manager or homeowner's association. If you live in a complex not currently recycling, tell your manager there is no charge for recycling collection in Mountain View and to contact Recology Mountain View at 650-967-3034 for services.  Recology will provide your complex with the appropriate containers and a list of what is recyclable.  Complexes with shared garbage services and consisting of 5 or more dwelling units are subject to the State's mandatory recycling law.  (See above).

Recycling Leaders
If you are interested in being a Recycling Leader to help your neighbors learn recycling, please call the City's Solid Waste & Recycling Program at 650-903-6311 about how to recycle.  You may also print out the list of What's Recyclable and distribute to other tenants in coordination with your apartment manager or homeowner's association.