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2030 General Plan

On July 10, 2012, the City Council adopted the 2030 General Plan, a comprehensive update to the City's 1992 General Plan. The 2030 General Plan is the guiding document for the City's physical development and preservation. It includes goals, policies and graphics that convey a long-term vision and guide local decision-making to achieve that vision.

The General Plan is the foundation for zoning regulations, subdivisions and public works plans. It also addresses other issues related to the City’s physical environment, such as noise and safety.

The Environmental Planning Commission will review the implementation of the 2030 General Plan on a regular basis. The City Council will also review progress on the 2030 General Plan during the annual goal-setting and budget process.

How the General Plan is Organized

  • Cover / Acknowledgements / Table of Contents
  • The Introduction describes the 2030 General Plan process, a brief history and description of the City, and the overarching themes that support the City's future: Quality of Life, Sustainability, Diversity, Health and Wellness, and Economic Prosperity.
  • The Planning Areas chapter contains a brief description of the existing conditions and policy direction for each of the City’s neighborhood areas.
  • The Land Use and Design chapter covers the design and location of housing, industry, offices, retail and other land uses.
    • The Change Areas section provides greater detail on the vision, policies, and form and character for each of the community- identified change areas: North Bayshore, East Whisman, El Camino Real, San Antonio and Moffett Boulevard.
    • The Land Use Designations section covers the types of uses, densities and intensities allowed in each part of the City. Land use maps are provided in the section. A larger map is also available.
  • The Mobility chapter covers transportation by different travel modes, including public transit, private vehicle, walking and biking.
  • The Infrastructure and Conservation chapter provides policy direction regarding utility systems, energy, climate change and sustainability.
  • The Parks, Open Space and Community Facilities chapter covers parks, trails and programs and services.
  • The Noise chapter addresses noise from sources such as stationary equipment and transportation.
  • The Public Safety chapter covers police and fire services and emergency preparedness.

    The complete General Plan document (PDF - size:13.43 MB)

    The General Plan Environmental Impact Report (PDF - size 52.56 MB)

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program

GGRPThe Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program (GGRP) implements the 2030 General Plan policies relating to climate change and mitigates the 2030 General Plan's greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts. It contains a baseline community-wide GHG emissions inventory, emissions projections, GHG reduction targets and strategies, and a monitoring program. It will be updated on a regular basis to reflect General Plan implementation and new best management practices.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program (PDF - size:3.93 MB)

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